A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Nin is a 3D adventure-platformer set in modern times. It follows the life of a keychain-plushie that's been forgotten since the 90's. After taking refuge in a secluded shoebox, our bite-sized hero spends many years in dark solitude. Now, the tiny castaway sets off on a journey to seek the light of the outside world.

This promotional demo demonstrates basic gameplay, mainly the exploration and story-driven mechanics. Advanced gameplay such as the damage system and platforming aspects are not included since it's still in development. The purpose is to give a general impression of the game's intended design.

Game Controls

  • Enter - Investigate
  • Space - Jump
  • Arrow Keys (WASD) - Movement
  • Shift + Down Arrow Key (S) - Quick Turn
  • Esc - Exit Demo (Saves game automatically)

Install Instructions

Extract files from the zip to the same directory and run the executable to play!

Please check out our Kickstarter if you'd like to know more:



Nin_PromotionalDemoWIN.zip 353 MB
Nin_PromotionalDemoMAC.zip 354 MB
Nin_PromotionalDemoLINUX.zip 355 MB


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Oh man, this was so good! Make it, make it, make it! That demo was so short and I was into it the moment I turned the light on! Bit confused as to how people are getting stuck, that's one of the most simple and cute demos I've done yet.

Love Love Love this!

hey since you finished the demo could you tell me where to find the missing bulb for the chrismas lights?


i m stuck at the begeining


same its so hard

is there a way to message the creators?